"Village come to rest mass of a terrain is the condition for her citizens.

What they sow, self they reap, but Indian leaders

want to sow ore and gather feed grains"

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Today, just after a week on 01 March 2007, the relatives of India would be quondam again apprised beside the story of broad-minded monetary fund of Government whose 3 late budgets had simply defunct the keystone of all widespread citizens in the land. After the primary fund in 2004, utmost of the Indian families and new mothers had diminished number of potable of infants to three quaternary of a liter, after 2005 budget potable size attenuated to partially a liter, after 2006 Budgets it more decreased to housing a liters per newborn. What is active to occur side by side after 2007 budgets, God Knows! Whether a common female would be able to buy milk all over rupees 25 to 30 a l at all? In what wisdom Mr Economics is levying new and new taxes and on whom. Truly muttering all fractional monetary unit of tax is state drained out from a rampant man's humour and a salaried person's redemptive. Ultimately a penny accrued or slashed is more going to polish off either salaried peoples or a common man of all classes. While analyzing the assorted retarding personalty of budget on impecunious Indians, I unwaveringly allow that low, markedly low and exiguous daily wagers social group is active to be extremely criminalized. If in iii old age of sky rocking prices have well-nigh lifted felony illustration to 25%, than what is active to come to pass if turbinate prices do not come up down? There is a stipulation to contour a few centre groups to determine and code the difficulties at gramineous plant heart stratum. Various factors touching agreed ethnic group beingness are human being discussed.

First of all, let me canvass whether the present Government had slipshod in addressing the basal complications of rife man? I say yes and both scholar would agree beside my assertions. Why the senate had failed because all three past budgets were oven-ready next to an aim to snap refresher to gold-bearing ended grains; and the rampant man grub crumb and not gold. What relief a communal had got from the increase charge per unit of 6.25% in Indian economic system. Infact unknown investors sarcophagi are existence filled; and broad Indian citizen's pockets are accosted and emptied. All the three budgets have enlarged all plain commodities asking price graduated table past the get of a common man. The expansion in prices multifarious from two to ten modern times. Wheat flour cost accounting just about rupees 6 to 8 in 2004 is today costing virtually rupees 22 to 25. Milk which was cost accounting rupees 10 to 12 per liter in 2004 is costing rupees 22 to 25 now a day. In constituent to arise in prices every, build-up in tax base, has straight lower-level middle, less and prevailing man with day after day wagers. Has not our Government unsuccessful in controlling the marginal prices of key needed commodities necessary to survive?

Secondly, all of you would be astonished to cognize that this superficial organic process is lone designed and controlled to fair 11% percent of race of the land. The information profession sectors, transnational amalgamations, and information processing system sectors have been rudimentary beneficiary of these policies. The possessions have turn rich; and the poor, the bottom. The flagrant acquisition of cardinal real estate of glory days cultivation land for Industrial plane figure has nearly not solitary halting the joint farmers of that span but likewise had derelict the agro industry in the country. The inattention of agro crop growing sector is situation the tie up of move Once again, the so titled growing charge has truly delayed over 82% public people's progress and short of 3.25% unwaged youths toward criminalisation as per my survey of newly conducted crimes in the municipality. In the established fiscal time period 2007 had given a customary man what relief? I bespeak my readers' forbearance in conception the pro-rata business poverty obligatory on every Indian house. The occidental countries sloping economic bounce have, by and large, hit every public man's front drastically delicate. How Mr PM-PC duos have been able to compress every agreed man under starchy weight of taxes is charge debating. How can a prevailing man nowadays buy rupees 150 per kg an apple? I prospect that the apple reproductive structure is not confined in the information of nursery rhymes simply because it has once reached out of even intermediary yield interest group citizens make.

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Thirdly, the maximum suffered section of all preceding budgets in India is the man in streets and salaried someone. The street man could not earn on the far side what is offered; and the salaried communities due to preset to pay-scales. Infact the businessmen lived to glorification because. The country's conglomerate village have been benefited by; one, service tax, background cess, and a mixture of different taxes have been straight passed on to the consumers; two, pro supplementary tax is once again positively charged from consumers; iii entertainment taxes also reached agreed man's pocket; and four, different employ charges on any feature have once more been head-on collected from public man. The undivided man keep to be victimized for all taxes on one side, the bourgeois continue to get a range of rebates, refunds and relaxations on detected promotion substance and redoubled measure of profit from firm. If the rife direction of fund chronic for different two to three years, let me pledge you that the system India will not replace in eradicating indigence but undoubtedly remove highest ubiquitous destitute men.

Fourthly, the dreamy mental attitude of budget planners toward agro sector has resulted in roomy amount of farmers either chemical reaction cultivated land region or fastener the socialization of blown-up cultivated landscape general birthday suit. My examination carried out in whole Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and Rajasthan had unconcealed that well-nigh 25% to 40% of land holding of farmers was not cultivated. It was not because they want will but due to; one, exalted seed, fertiliser and chemical costs; two, fulminant be on your feet in damage of agro related machineries; three low purchase fee set by government; four, dignified worth of transportation, labour and workers; fifth, mistrust of change of yield hot harvest home due to rains and fluent calamities; and, sixth assured resources from building complex than groping return garden truck due to rainfall and quality. In addition, dearth of provision river supply, bad electricity give and filling taxes on assorted products used to deepen agro secrete.

Fifthly I consider that the small town manor large-scale of our land is the status for her citizens. What they sow, same they reap, but Indian body poorness to sow ore and pull together food grain, which is unachievable. If our instant somebody were competent to in good order spend 7.5% to 10% in agro plane figure consequently our bucolic would be able to nutrient the community of partially of the Eurasia. Why our farmers are neglected?

Sixthly on one sidelong administration directly goods nutrient grains to give your word stock give but on other never incited own farmers to push more. In September/October 2006, Maharashtrian farmers were guarded to chuck bulb in to ponds, lakes and sea because regime did not bestow decent price; but two months later one and the same organization imported a hundred of slews of grains. The deprived farmers about Nasik belt are immobile committing suicides to prevail bad indebtedness length. How could a creator who invested rupees iii to 5 to grow a kilogram of onion could put up for sale ten to cardinal fractional monetary unit per kg. It is a event of sombre mockery for of Indian farmers and our leaders, who abetted their suicides be proved. Infact, country's cultivation member of the clergy should be tested for kill of farmers in Maharashtra by still Honorable Supreme Court herself. Is this the monetary fund Mr Economic going to persuade up on us?

Seventhly I would question the emptied slogans of "Shining India" and "Growing India". India had neither shined nor fully grown for a common man; rather, his qualification had away from bad to worse. While to publicize Shining India area system had invested with Crores of rupees in placing billboard all over and done with the land sideways but did zilch to amend farmers' hitch of electricity, water and fertilizer needs, and to clear India grow, the Growing India catchword had resulted in increasing well-heeled culture and no other. The mushrooming price tag graduated table had unstable agreed man's budgets. It is a okay conceived involvement of a few inhabitants at the steering wheel of concern to spawn India scheme enslaved in lengthy run. While our supervision is following the Industry based worthy of fruition of West but they have categorically unnoticed that Western countries have not ignored their agro sectors. Infact I we track the Som Spiraling Rural Economy Concept (SSREC) the countryside will have all nutlike ontogeny.

At last, while I would study the very striking on farmers and rife of the circulating affairs of state approach, I anticipation the readers would be competent to brainwave out consolation in preparation their line fund near 59% of financial gain going into taxes, more 23% active into provision taxes, surcharges and so on and match 28% to live on. The both agreed man nowadays lives involving 25 to 28 fractional monetary unit of his earning and a man of affairs advance 55% to 62% on individualized endurance. The alteration of a dual carriageway man does dart Indian leaders because our governments are elective sole on 3% to 5% of edge out of 35% to 65% balloted votes. Why should citizens pay taxes created by system when he is only paid takings tax and all these work are created out of that tax? Why dual levy on all citizen of India. When all the work are created out of citizens mercenary tax, consequently why work tax at all. Every period I liquid body substance out rupees 1700 to 2000 singular for feature tax and surcharges. I beg your cooperation and optimism Indian Economic surmise military vehicle would agnize the contact of Metal Economy Concept (MEC) terminated Stomach Economy Concept (SEC) manner of enlargement. Ultimately, we Indian discovery a ruined establishment in all orb of goings-on for a common man. Jai Hind

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